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aboutThe organization has been established by Sanjay Bagaria, Bachelor of Engineering from the Delhi College of Engineering, with more than 30 years of Experience. We aim to provide personalized counselling to students who wish to pursue bachelors and/or masters in the US. Our focus is giving all the required information and preparing students to get admission in their preferred university in the US. We also provide visa counselling and scholarship guidance.

We understand students areas of interest, schools they aspire to get in, environment they they aspire to start living and various other aspects. Based on these multitude of factors we secure admissions in the schools. Our professional experts hand hold the students starting with shortlisting universities till the time they are ready to leave for the States.

Undergraduate Admissions

ugApplying to U.S. colleges and universities is a very different process than applying to Indian universities. And as such can be quite challenging for students and parents. For U.S. universities students have to apply for admissions to the institution and not any specific department. The typical requirements of application are:

Graduate Admissions

Graduate admissions to US universities are a highly competitive process and applications should be managed well to get the right foot in the door. It is also a very different process than just applying for undergraduate course. This is essentially because your profile should be well defined at this stage as universities require clarity of student’s thought process and their life goals. Hence understandably, it needs lot of self-introspection and becomes a time consuming process. Importance of essays is therefore highly emphasized. Graduate Admissions Offices take the application especially Statement of Purpose very seriously. We and our team of experts manage this whole process and keep strict timelines. We shortlist universities keeping your goals and plans in mind. Other factors we look into the university's proximity to relatives or friends, geographical location, scholarships, climate and cost of living etc.

Application Time Line

atimelineWe believe in the 5 P’s: Proper, Preparation, Prevents, Poor, Performance For best results, we suggest that process starts early at least 18 Months prior to application deadlines. This allows us and students for the bandwidth to prepare for standardized tests and registration and also gives us ample time in case of a situation where students need to reappear to improve scores. During this process we create a finalized list of universities based on individual counselling and discussions on a wide list of factors; students’ resumes and profile building and essays, LOR drafting, reference letters and marksheets. Most importantly, we focus on decisions on early applications (EA) and early decisions (ED). Most deadlines fall between early November and early January. However, deadlines vary with universities and may include both early and regular admission deadline.


scollerWe guide students and their families through every step of the decision-making process from advice on how to select and apply to a program / university, to arranging financial aid, to earning academic credit.

Visa Counselling

Getting a VISA can get as tedious as getting an admission letter. Once you have been accepted at the University of your Choice our experts will advise you on all aspects of obtaining a student visa.


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